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VIDEO: Straighten, Edit iPhone Pics with ‘PhotoToaster’ App



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App: Photo Toaster
Seller: East Coast Pixels, Inc.
iOS: $1.99 in iTunes. Designed for iPhone and iPad.
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Images can be edited and sent directly to social networking sites, email, WiFi enabled printers, and SMS text.


Users can only edit one photo at a time.

About The App

PhotoToaster is a photo editing app that allows users to straighten images, enhance, add filters and borders. The app is especially useful for journalists publishing pictures from their phones to the web.

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Journalists are often expected to send photos from the field before their stories are filed. This is especially important during breaking news. During big events (like protests, or major police responses), a newsroom’s web team will be putting together photo galleries for big events and they don’t always have time to edit the images. PhotoToaster is a great tool for journalists looking to do a quick edit before emailing the photos to the newsroom. Images can be straightened, cropped, and enhanced. The journalist doesn’t even have to exit the app to send it via email.

VIDEO: How To Straighten An iPhone Photo Using Photo Toaster


  • Select “Save Camera Original” in settings to make sure your original image is saved before editing.
  • Select “Recent” on the main menu to view additional information about images you’ve recently edited, including exposure info, timestamp, and a map of the location where the photo was captured.
  • Save edited images to your photo library, or send them to social networks including Instagram, Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr, and Twitter.
  • You can send your edited image from PhotoToaster directly to your WiFi enabled printer.

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Lindsey Mastis is the founder and host of Journalist Apps. She is also a National Correspondent for Feature Story News, based in Los Angeles. In 2013, she traveled to India as a “New Media” fellow with the International Reporting Project. In 2012, she traveled to Iraqi Kurdistan to teach journalists about social networking and TV news. In 2009, she became one of the first “digital correspondents” hired to report, shoot, edit for WUSA, the CBS affiliate in Washington, DC.

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    This seems like a great app to have for all around use. I like the way you explained how to make the photo straight. Showing how the adjustments like the brightness was also helpful. Thanks for researching all this..that made it easy.

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